Local author Jim Studer releases third book

Contributed Report

Jim Studer, retired English and speech teacher and speech coach at Maple Lake High School (1974-1981) has published his third book, “Leah on a Leash and Other Stories.”

Studer is a graduate of Cathedral High School, St. Cloud State and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota.

In addition to teaching in Albany, eight years, and Maple Lake, eight years, he taught four years in São Paulo, Brazil and the last 17 years at St. Anthony Village in suburban Minneapolis. He is still coaching speech, now in his 51st year, the last eight at Blaine High School.

“Leah on a Leash” is a 3-in-1 endeavor. Set I features English teacher, Stuart August, in both Central Minnesota and São Paulo, Brazil. Stuart August interacts with students, parents, and colleagues supporting the underdog and seeking justice for both students and teachers.

Set III features 11 tales based on The Old Man. In many of these stories the curmudgeon dispenses his wisdom from his recliner. He takes on modern day attitudes, technology and the military draft. When the old codger escapes his recliner, he introduces readers to delightful characters ranging from a 12-year-old knowledge seeking neighbor girl to a wannabe nurse who beats the odds as a single mother. He delights with a story on the development of a monarch butterfly. Then there are his poker playing cronies.

The middle set of stories gives the reader four tales not associated with Stuart August or The Old Man. Two of the stories are zany accounts of characters who find the end of the rainbow. The other two are serious dramas which eventually end in redemption.

Studer’s first book is an account of growing up in Central Minnesota, teaching and world travel. “The Road Taken” paints a picture of St. Cloud and the surrounding area from 1950-1970. In addition to classroom chapters Studer relates travels in South America, India and much of the rest of the world.

His second book, “The Mystery of Tony the Goat and Other Tales,” features stories based on Central Minnesota lore, the classroom and travel in South America from São Paulo, Brazil to the Falkland Islands.

Studer’s books are available at The Book Break in Maple Lake, Buffalo Books and Coffee in Buffalo, Amazon.com or from him directly.