Andy’s Pro Tire and Auto: so much more than tires

Andy’s Pro Tire and Auto Service in Annandale has a new look, and some new features to go along with its already strong reputation of knowledgeable service and dedication to customers.
The blue building on the corner of Highway 55 and Poplar Avenue has had a makeover. Its new, metal log siding fits right in with the décor of the neighborhood, while new doors and other small touches give it an up-to-date look that it needed, owner Andy Scheiber said.
But the outside of a business is only as good as the quality of the product inside, and Andy delivers there as well. For nearly 29 years he has provided the area communities with tire and custom wheel sales, exhaust work, precision alignment and suspension service, along with the repair and replacement of brakes and engines.
About two years ago, he expanded his business to include transmission rebuilding. Andy does the work himself in a newly-remodeled space in the back of the building that he has dedicated for that purpose.
“It has become a popular service,” Andy said, noting that most other small shops like his cannot offer transmission rebuilding. Buffalo is probably the next closest town you can get that kind of work done in, he said.
The process of rebuilding a transmission is very time consuming and technicians need to know how to do it. Andy not only has the training, but now the facilities. The new space in his shop comes complete with new walls, new lighting and new equipment, including a pressure parts washer and rebuilding tables.
“We’re filling a niche,” Andy said. “It goes hand-in-hand with everything else we do here.”
Customers who choose to have their transmissions rebuilt at Andy’s will receive a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty.
Tire repair and replacement continues to be a popular service at Andy’s Pro Tire and Auto, and conveniently, prices on tires have just dropped.
“If someone was looking for tires last month and thought they were too expensive, they should look now,” Andy said.
Customers can do their shopping at Andy’s with the help of his knowledgeable staff, or they can look for the best deal on tires from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day, by visiting There they will find hundreds of tire selections.
When they find something they like, they fill out an on-line order form and send it, Andy said. Andy gets the e-mail and the tires are delivered to the shop. The customer can then stop by and pick up the tire(s), or have Andy’s skilled technicians install them. The best thing, Andy said, is that customers don’t have to make any kind of purchase on-line. They pay when they pick their tires up.
Tires are delivered to Andy’s every day, so options are virtually limitless.
In addition, Andy’s wheel and tire machines are state-of-the-art. An ErH System IV tire mounting machine and UPI System II balancing machine give Andy’s technicians the capability to mount and balance any rim up to 22 inches. The shop’s Arago alignment machine is “as accurate as you can possibly get,” Andy said, which makes for less wear on customers’ tires.
Road Hazard
To go along with its tire sales and service, the lube shop offers road hazard coverage. That means if you run over a nail or damage a small part of a tire in some other way, and the rest of the tire is still fit for the road, Andy will give you a new tire, but only charge you for that small part you damaged, he said.
“It’s especially nice if you have a new tire and run over a nail or something,” he said.
Andy knows how frustrating it can be when a vehicle breaks down, especially when it’s away from home. That’s why Andy offers towing for stranded motorists near and far. Whether the vehicle is stuck in its own driveway, or broke down miles away, Andy will come get it. Once he traveled as far as Grand Marais to pick up a stranded vehicle.
During business hours, he offers discount towing to customers having work done in the shop’s garage.
“We’ll gladly tow your vehicle at a lower rate if you have your work done here,” Andy said.
After business hours he offers this tip: “If it’s 10 p.m. and you’re down in the cities and you know you won’t be able to contact us, push it to the side of the road or get it to a good spot. If you think you can get to Annandale to get me the keys in the morning, great, otherwise hide them somewhere. It will save you so much money in after-hour fees if you can avoid getting into that emergency mode that says you have to get it towed right then. Just look at it like, it’s a car, it will be okay until morning.”
Parts and service
One of Annandale’s oldest service shops, Andy’s offers competitive pricing and runs service specials throughout the year. Discounts on everything from alignment services to tires can be found at by clicking on “Hot Deals and Coupons.”
With parts arriving hourly, Andy’s can boast a large inventory of in-stock items, and if the shop doesn’t have it, it won’t take long to get it. A complimentary e-mail reminder is available for oil changes, tire rotation or inspection, and customers are always invited to bring in their used drain oil for on-site recycling.
“Honest and reliable people you can trust, we personally guarantee your satisfaction. Our reputation depends on it,” Andy said.
Andy’s Pro Tire and Auto Service is open 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Saturdays. For appointments or towing call 320-274-3986.