School board reviews levy and bond proposals

At their most recent meeting, Tuesday, October 10, the Maple Lake School Board viewed a PowerPoint presentation on the schools’ operating levy and general obligation bond proposals, followed by the demonstration of an accompanying tax impact calculator. The presentation, narrated by Superintendent Mark Redemske, explains why the referendum is necessary and how any approved funds will be put to use. The tax impact calculator allows residents to see a calculated monthly cost to their individual properties for each of the two ballot questions. Citizens are invited to visit to determine their individual tax impact and to obtain more information.
The presentation noted key causes of the district’s financial predicament that include a failure by the state to keep pace with the cost of running schools, inadequate funding to this district in particular, and an under-funded mandate to provide special education services. Simultaneously, a “rainy day” fund that was built in more prosperous times is about to be tapped out, despite numerous significant cost-cutting measures.

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