Mike Huro’s Legacy Lives On

By Brenda Erdahl

For four years Mike Huro battled the cancer in his own body, but he was also a dedicated soldier to the bigger picture, the war on cancer that each year claims the lives of so many.

Inspired by his generous nature, his troops, who call themselves Team Huro, have raised more than $50,000 over the years to become the biggest donors to the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute of Buffalo, a local organization that helps cancer patients pay their bills and navigate the financial burden that accompanies the disease.

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, Huro lost his personal battle with cancer, but friends and family will carry on his legacy and continue to fight in his name to ensure that no one fights alone.

“That was one of the things he was truly concerned about, because it (Team Huro) made such a big difference, was such a profound help (to cancer patients). He was very passionate about helping others,” said Bob Wold, friend to Huro and vice president of the not-for-profit organization Team Huro.

“To me it’s just an honor to be a portion of the person my dad was, to know how big of a heart he had and to follow in his footsteps is just a complete honor,” said Huro’s daughter Casey who has taken over the reigns as president.

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