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I have learned a lot about Saint Timothy’s School while doing research for my columns, and this week’s edition will be a capstone report. The end of Mrs. Dawn Mc- Cabe’s first school year as Principal of Saint Timothy’s is in sight. I asked her what has impressed her most about the school and she was quick to respond with “the overwhelming sense of family” and “it feels like home.” She talked about how important the school’s partnership with parents is to the success of the school. She also told me the support of the larger Maple Lake community is noteworthy and very much appreciated.

I want to give some credit to the in-house family who help educate the 123 students who are attending Saint Timothy’s this year. Ms. Sharon Latour is the office administrator, a position she has held since 1999. The kitchen manager is Margaret Paumen, the classroom assistant is Vicki Greis, and Andrew Zeisel teaches Religion classes. Linus Latour takes care of the daytime janitorial duties and Laura Latour is the evening janitor. These folks, along with teachers, specialists, volunteers, parents, and students make up Saint Timothy’s School.

McCabe gave me some interesting statistics: Saint Timothy’s is one of 91 Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis. Seventy of the 123 students live in the Maple Lake School District and the remaining 53 are from nearby towns including Annandale, Clear Water, Monticello, and Buffalo. Saint Timothy’s follows the same school calendar as the public school for two very good reasons. One is the efficient use of the bus transportation system and the other is to accommodate families that have students attending both schools. Saint Timothy’s students can participate in sports, band, and community education programs offered at the public school. The public school also provides special education services for any St Timothy’s students who are eligible for them and the student’s home district pays for the services.

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